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MS001 Microspectrophotometer
Adopt high-sensitivity photoelectric array detector (CCD), use special pinhole device for small sample (<30um) to improve measurement accuracy, reduce noise interference, and measure transmittance, reflectivity, chroma, and film thickness. , High stability and reproducibility, can immediately output the measurement result in word and excel format report
Inspection System: Single Beam
Detector: 2048 CCD Array Detector
Light source: tungsten halogen lamp
Wavelength range: 400~1,000nm
Wavelength accuracy: 1nm
Wavelength repeatability: 0.02nm
Light source stability: ±1% per hour
Platform: 75x50mm Manual Mechanical Mobile Platform
Eyepiece: WF10 times (diameter 20mm)
Objectives: 5x, L10x, L20x, L40x
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